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The AIP®-S series is a batch system using the Arc Ion Plating (AIP®) method. This flexible system can be used for a wide variety of coating applications. The AIP®-S series achieves smooth surfaces while maintaining a high deposition rate.

  1. Droplets, a major defect of Cathodic arc deposition, are successfully minimized by AIP®.
  2. Thick & dense film with extremely smooth surface
  3. High deposition rate by High energy density & High ionization
  4. Multi-layer films & multi process films are possible

Production scale medium scale production large scale production
Loading Space
φ 450 mm
x H 500 mm
φ 130 mm
x H 500 mm
x 6 spindles
φ 700mm
x H 700mm
φ 130mm
x H 700mm
x 12 spindles
Arc Evaporation Source 6 to 12 8 to 16
Substrate Table 6-Spindles planetary rotary table 12-Spindles planetary rotary table

Material: Carbide, Work Piece: AISI 316, Cutting Speed: 270 [m/min], Coolant: Wet

Material: Carbide, Workpiece: AISI A48-94a, Cutting speed: 220 [m/min], Coolant: Dry

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